Phase Two, Coming Soon!

The Database is expanding. Up next: Women Biblical Interpreters and Scholars

The launch of the Women and Theology Research Database has been a success. To date, there are over 290 women in the database and over 750 resources.

Phase 2 of the Women and Theology Research Database is currently in progress. Phase 2 will go live in early 2023 and will expand the entries in the database to include the field of biblical studies.

With over 100 entries already entered for the Phase 2 release, the expansion of the database is slowly coming together.

If you are a woman who has an advanced degree in OT/NT/Exegesis/Greek/Hebrew/Aramaic/Archaeology, if you are a researcher or teach at an academic institution, if you have published scholarly material (monograph, journal articles, chapters in edited volumes), or if you have published well researched yet accessible material for the church (e.g., published by IVP/Moody/David C Cook/Cascade/Zondervan, etc), please complete this form so that your work can be included in the phase two expansion of the database.

June 27, 2022 | Amanda Hackney